• Image of ARACHNE Lace, "Lex, Dream, and Galadriel" 2 skeins available Merino + Silk, 1300 yards

Lex Luthor, Dream's Cloak, and Galadriel's Flask walk into a bar....
So in my late-night addled state of naming yarns, I failed to observe that these yarns were all from the same batch, but slightly different. So they have alllll different names, cos that's not confusing at all.

Photo 1: Galadriel's Flask
Photo 2: 1980s Lex

What to do with so much lace. I know. Life is SO hard. I recommend making an entire sweater, like Lacy Ribbons by Romi Hill. Or you know, never worry about having enough yarn to do all the extra repeats you wanna do on that lace shawl. ;)

For skeins that're NOT identical, I recommend alternating skeins every couple of rows. I know it sounds like a pain, but it's actually not because you can carry the skeins up the back/inside of the work and you get a charmingly variegated look.

S º P º E º C º S
80% Superfine Merino, 20% Silk
2 ply
1300+ yards, 3.5oz

C º O º L º O º R º S
Deep Purple
Slate Grey Gray

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To see the info on all the bases side by side, check out my handy-dandy comparison guide.

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