Hi ::waves like a maniac:: I'm Ady Bee, but you can just call me...Ady Bee. I just started this shop in November 2010. But I've got feedback over on Etsy as well, as KnittinK.

I'm inspired by bright silly colors, the more spandex the better. But I'm not exclusively into comics, I'm no Muggle, that's for sure, and I do like weird & gross (American Psycho, True Blood, Dexter). But instead of listening to me prattle on, here, read this clever thing my husbeast, Mr. Bee wrote for me:

Heads up, True Believers! Blazing forth from her home base in beloved Beantown, this bold & bodacious babe’s busting out balls upon balls of the best & brightest your baby blues have ever seen! Inspired by the ingenious ink-splashed imagery of illustrious immortals like Lee, Kirby, Rude & Romita AND the sensational stories of the super spiffy spandex scene, this witchy woman’s whirled wool comes crashing into your cranium with crack-tastic colors the likes of which have never been seen! Hand-dyed, hand-hackled, handspun & hands down the softests, squishiest, most devilishly delectable & deviantly delicious twirled & twisted fleece fiber this side of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude!

For those of you who are new to Big Cartel, I know it's scary an all, moving away from Etsy, which is familiar and whatnot, but just like Etsy, you can make your payments through Paypal, so 1- your money's safe, 2- there's a record of the transaction & 3- you don't have to set up an account or anything! Okay, now on to the fun stuff...