Washing Instructions
Faux Fibers WILL felt
Polwarth WILL felt
Merino WILL felt
Basically, anything that doesn't say "SUPERWASH" will felt.

Items that can felt should be handwashed in tepid water. I recommend using an agitation-free woolwash like Eucalan, Soak, or Kookabura to avoid felting, unless you're a felter.

For superwash items, though these are machine washable, I'm still in favor of handwashing handmade items. In addition, superwash fibers that contain tencel, bamboo, and other "non-wools" may felt, or melt or otherwise behave badly when placed in commercial washers & dryers.

Please note that while I do my best to accurately represent the colours in my yarns, I can’t come over & adjust your monitor so that what you’re seeing looks like what I’m seeing. I photograph my yarns using natural sunlight, or full spectrum bulbs in an effort to ensure that colours appear as accurately as possible.